Ambassadors & Co-photographers

George Triantafillou

Haida Co-Photographer

Founder of We Are Raw Photography


About George Triantafillou:

George Triantafillou is a master photographer whose career, spanning 45 years, has including the whole gamut of professional photographic challenges. His first professional jobs were as a wedding photographer. In those days the equipment was fairly primitive and his early success was attributable to his keen eye and natural creative vision. More work in events photography, advertising, and portraiture followed, allowing George to hone his skills in different areas of the industry while also embracing the enormous technological advancements in photographic equipment the industry has enjoyed. George's ability to master these new technologies is most evident in his recent work, specializing in landscape photography. Combining beautiful raw photographic images with ingenious digital enhancement, George has created some of the most breathtaking and surreal images currently available.

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