Haida Rear Lens ND Filter is Coming

Problems with Vignette?

Still distressed with the bulky holders and filters?


Now, the Rear Lens ND Filter Kit is coming~

    -No Vignette

    -Only weighs 1g/pcs filter

PS. The kit will be launched on around Nov. 11th

Installation Process for Sigma 14-24mm F/2.8 DG DN Art Lens for Sony E and Leica L

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Installation Process for Canon 11-24mm F/4L USM Lens

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The M15 filter bag is also coming soon. Incredible large space for 150mm series filter system especially for the M15 filter holder system. 


Good News~

We'd like to launch an M10 Christmas Kit for all your support this year~

The Price of the kit is the same as our M10 Enthusiast Kit II, which means the M10 Drop-in ND1.8 Filter is totally free for you. 

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