Filters for Sony 14mm f1.8 GM Lens


Recently, Sony launched the new 14mm f2.8 G Master Lens with an Incredibly Compact and Lightweight Design, which catches many photographer's eyes. Especially the photographers who are tired of the weight while taking photos outside.


Accordingly, Haida Filter dedicated a rear lens adapter ring for this lens which only weight 8g~
With this adapter ring, people can use the tiny rear lens filters directly. In addition, after the improvement, the adapter ring can also be used in the Sony FE 12-24 F2.8 G Master Lens


Rear Lens ND Kit

Includes ND0.9 + ND1.2 + ND1.8 + ND3.0 + Dedicated Adapter Ring.
The ND filters are in common use with other Haida dedicated Adapter rings.


Rear Lens Clear-Night Filter

The Sony14mm f2.8 lens is much suitable for nightscape and also astrophotography. The little clear-night filter can help you reduce the annoying light pollution. 

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